X86-SPIN installation sheet

Installation Guide

Detailed instructions on building, booting, and running SPIN are
provided in html format.  Access the file "x86_docs/index.html" 
with your web browser to get started.


	To build the SPIN version of the m3 compiler, you need to have
	the DEC SRC Modula-3 installed.
GNU make
	All the SPIN Makefile use features specific to GNU make.

Linux --> FreeBSD cross compilation tools.  
	Available from the SPIN distribution site as bsdtools.tar.gz.

Building SPIN

To construct the full system run
	make world

Products of make world

The completed SPIN kernel is

The SPIN version of Modula-3, the debugger and other local programs are in

The SPIN user programs and their kernel extensions are in

Partial installation

To construct pieces of the system, the full SPIN tree must be built
somewhere.  Put this location in FULLTREE in spin/make.conf