% Copyright (C) 1989, 1992 Digital Equipment Corporation 
% All rights reserved.
% See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.
% Last Modified On Thu Jun 20 12:17:03 PDT 1996 By heydon  
%      Modified On Wed Oct 11 13:36:35 PDT 1995 By najork  
%      Modified On Wed Jun 14 13:37:09 PDT 1995 By kalsow  
%      Modified On Thu Apr  8 13:45:49 PDT 1993 by muller
% Standard configuration file for LINUX

%-------------------------------------------------- compilation environment ---

readonly TARGET = "LINUXELF"

include ("PLATFORMS")  % get the target-dependent mappings
include (OS_TYPE)      % get the OS-dependent functions

%                                        object files       libraries
%  0=Unix                          =>  .o   .io    .mo       libXX.a
%  1=Unix with a grumpy C compiler =>  .o   _i.o   _m.o      libXX.a
%  2=Windows/NT                    =>  .obj .io    .mo       XX.lib

%------------------------------------------------------------- export paths ---
% During the installation, destination directories that do not exist
% will be created.  You need the necessary permissions to do so; otherwise,
% the installation will fail, but can be restarted after you have 
% fixed the permissions.

INSTALL_ROOT = "/usr/local/"
%-- handy for installations that keep all M3 stuff together

BIN_INSTALL   = INSTALL_ROOT & "bin"                % executables
LIB_INSTALL   = INSTALL_ROOT & "lib/m3/" & TARGET   % libraries
DOC_INSTALL   = INSTALL_ROOT & "lib/m3/doc"         % documents
PKG_INSTALL   = INSTALL_ROOT & "lib/m3/pkg"         % packages
EMACS_INSTALL = INSTALL_ROOT & "lib/elisp"          % emacs lisp code
MAN_INSTALL   = INSTALL_ROOT & "man"                % man pages
HTML_INSTALL  = INSTALL_ROOT & "lib/m3/www"         % public hypertext

% The manual pages normally go in subdirectories man{1,...8} of
% the MAN_INSTALL directory.  If you prefer to have them all in
% a single section, define MAN_SECTION to be that section's name.

% On some systems (e.g. AFS) you must install public files in a different
% place from where you use them.  If that is the case for your system,
% specify the "use" location here, otherwise leave them alone.

% "TRUE"
%    => save all source files during the install
%    => makes debugging easier and browsing more fruitful
% "" (i.e. FALSE)
%    => save only the exported interfaces and templates 
%    => makes the installed system slightly smaller.

readonly NEED_OBJECTS = "TRUE"
% "TRUE"
%    => accumulate a list of derived objects in COMPILE_OBJECTS
%    => for building shared libraries in the library_hooks function below
% ""
%    => don't bother

%---------------------------------------------------------------------- X11 ---
% If you have X11R4 installed and would like the X11R4 binding interfaces
% to be built, define the procedure "import_X11R4" to import the libraries
% that are needed.  Otherwise, define "import_X11R4" to be an empty procedure.
% If you use the MIT server with DECnet support, you need X11 and dnet,
% otherwise X11 should be enough.
% Since X11R5 is an extension of X11R4, you can use the X11R5 libraries
% instead of X11R4.  However, the Modula-3 binding interfaces have not
% yet been upgraded to X11R5.
% "import_X11R4" is called from the X11R4 package.
% "import_Motif" is called from the motif package.
% "import_DECPEX" is called from the PEX package.
% "import_OpenGL" is called from the opengl package.
% "import_TCP" is called from the tcp package.

readonly proc import_X11R4() is
  import_lib("Xaw",  "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("Xmu",  "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("Xext", "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("Xt",   "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("SM",   "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("ICE",  "/usr/X11R6/lib")
  import_lib("X11",  "/usr/X11R6/lib")

readonly proc import_Motif() is
  import_lib("Xm",   "/usr/X11R6/lib")

readonly proc import_DECPEX() is
  % DEC PEX differs from MIT PEX, and is only supported on Digital machines.  

readonly proc import_OpenGL() is
  % import_lib (GLU,  "/usr/lib")
  % import_lib (GL,   "/usr/lib")
  % import_lib (Xext, "/usr/lib")

readonly proc import_TCP() is

readonly PLATFORM_SUPPORTS_X      = "TRUE"

% Does your X11 server have the shared memory extension?
readonly X11_WITH_SHARED_MEM = "TRUE"

%-------------------------------------------------------------------- emacs ---
% If you have emacs and want to compile ".el" files to ".elc" files,
% fill in the function below.  Otherwise, comment out or delete the
% entire function.  Note, the distributed code assumes gnuemacs version 19
% or later.

readonly proc emacs_compile (el) is
  exec ("emacs -batch -f batch-byte-compile", el)

%---------------------------------------------------- C compiler and linker ---
% The following definitions are used to compile and link C modules.
% Note that these definitions can be overridden on the m3build command
% line with "-D".  (e.g.  m3build -DCC=gcc)
% _ifdef(a,b,c) == if defined(a) return b else return c
% The actual definitions must be kept on one line due to finicky details
% of the bootstrap process.

CC = _ifdef ("CC", CC, [ "/usr/bin/gcc", "-fPIC" ])
%--- C compiler with flags for compiling a single ".c" file

LINK = _ifdef ("LINK", LINK, [ "/usr/bin/gcc" ])
%--- C compiler with flags for linking

MAKELIB = _ifdef ("MAKELIB", MAKELIB, [ "/usr/bin/ar", "crus" ])
%--- program to build library archives

RANLIB = _ifdef ("RANLIB", RANLIB, [ "/user/bin/ranlib" ])
%--- program to index libraries

ASM = _ifdef ("ASM", ASM, [ "/usr/bin/as" ])
%--- assembler

% The boostrap code is not PIC
BOOT_CC = "/usr/bin/gcc"

%------------------------------------------------------------- GNU variants ---
% The two large pieces of GNU software used by the Modula-3 system
% gcc(=m3cc) and gdb(=m3gdb) often require slightly different C compilers
% or flags.  They are specified here.  Note that they may be overridden
% from the m3build command line.
% To use the GNU defaults for CC and CFLAGS, specify "*".

GNU_CC     = _ifdef ("GNU_CC",     GNU_CC,     "gcc")
GNU_MAKE   = _ifdef ("GNU_MAKE",   GNU_MAKE,   "make")

%-------------------------------------------------------- Modula-3 compiler ---
% The syntax for the values passed to most of the M3_CONFIG options is
% "@pgm@arg1@...@argn@" where "@" is an arbitrary character.  The
% separator character must begin and end the value.

% Where is the driver?
M3 = LIB_USE & "/m3"

% What are the standard flags?
M3OPTIONS = [ "-w1", "-why", "-g" ]

   "-Y1" & _pack_args (CC),
   "-Y2" & _pack_args (LINK),
   "-Y3" & _pack_args (MAKELIB),
   "-Y4" & _pack_args (RANLIB),
   "-Y7" & _pack_args (ASM),

   "-Y6@" & LIB_USE & "/m3cgc1@-quiet@",
   % --- the Modula-3 IL to assembly language pass

   "-z2@-lm@",  % --- libraries systematically linked with all programs

   "-z3" & LIB_USE & SL & "report_coverage.o",
   % --- library linked in programs compiled with "-Z" coverage option

   % Set the host naming conventions.

   % Values of "-z6":
   %   "0" => the m3 driver will split library names and pass -L/-l
   %          arguments to the linker
   %   "1" => the m3 driver will pass libraries with full path names
   %   "2" => like "0" except that for shared libraries, the driver
   %          passes -Rdir as well as -Ldir to the linker

   % The "-zA" option specifies the maximum size (in megabytes) that Pass0
   % is allowed to reach as a persistent server before the driver kills it.
   % Setting it to zero disables server mode.
   % NOTE: the current compiler is buggy, leave "-zA" alone!

   "-zB@-O@",  % --- pass 1 options implied by "-O"
   "-zC@-O@",  % --- pass 6 options implied by "-O"
   "-zD@@",    % --- pass 7 options implied by "-O"

   "-zE@-g@",  % --- pass 1 options implied by "-g"
   "-zF@-g@",  % --- pass 6 options implied by "-g"
   "-zG@@",    % --- pass 7 options implied by "-g"

   % --- the target's naming conventions

   "-zI" & TARGET,
   % --- the target architecture

   % "-zJ10",
   % The option "-zJx1" specifies that pass "x" is "noisy", "-zJx0"
   % specifices that it's not.  The default is to assume that passes
   % are not noisy.  The driver collects the standard output of noisy
   % passes in a file and then deletes the file, unless "-keep" or
   % "-verbose" is specified.

   % --- Set the value of "-zK" to "1" if you want the m3 driver to
   %     supply -Bdynamic/-Bstatic options to the linker, "0" otherwise.

   % --- libraries are shared by default.  If you give -zK1 you should
   %     also provide an initial -Bdynamic or -Bstatic.

   % --- Set the value of "-zL" to "1" if you want .M3LINK files produced
   %     for a dynamic loader

proc build_standalone() is
   % --- reset the linker to avoid shared libraries.
   M3_CONFIG += "-Y1@gcc@"
   M3_CONFIG += "-Y2@gcc@-static@"

proc build_shared() is
   % --- reset the linker to use shared libraries.
   M3_CONFIG += "-Y1@gcc@-fPIC@"
   M3_CONFIG += "-Y2@gcc@-shared@"

%-------------------------------------------------------------------- hooks ---
% These are the "last chance" hooks that are called each time a library
% or program is built.  They might build shared libraries or strip
% executables...

proc before_library_hooks(x) is

proc after_library_hooks(x) is
  local lib_a    = format ("lib%s.a", x)
  local lib_so   = format ("lib%s.so", x)
  local lib_sox  = format ("lib%s.so.3", x)
  local lib_soxx = format ("lib%s.so.3.5", x)
  if defined ("_all")
    if stale (lib_a, lib_a)
      write ("missing ", lib_a, ": not building ", lib_soxx, CR)
      if stale (lib_soxx, lib_a)
        exec ("gcc -shared -Wl,-soname", "-Wl," & lib_so,
                "-o", lib_soxx, COMPILE_OBJECTS)
      link_file(lib_soxx, lib_sox)
      link_file(lib_soxx, lib_so)
      install_derived (lib_soxx)
      install_derived (lib_sox)
      install_derived (lib_so)
      install_link_to_derived (lib_sox, LIB_INSTALL)
      install_link_to_derived (lib_so, LIB_INSTALL)
  deriveds (lib_soxx, no_extension)
  deriveds (lib_sox, no_extension)
  deriveds (lib_so, no_extension)

proc before_program_hooks(x) is

proc after_program_hooks(x) is

%------------------------------------------------------------- installation ---
% "install_file" is called during an "m3build install" for
% each file that neededs to be externally exported.

readonly proc install_file (src, dest, mode) is
  Note_install (src, dest)
  exec ("@cp -p -d -f", src, dest)
  % exec ("@install -c -m", mode, src, dest)

%---------------------------------------------- the rest of the environment ---

if defined("_bootstrap") include("COMMON.BOOT") end
include ("COMMON")