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Unpublished papers

  • Language and Runtime Support for Dynamic Interposition of System Code,
    Przemyslaw Pardyak, Stefan Savage, Brian Bershad, submitted for publication.
    Describes the kernel's internal communication and extension facilities. Shows use of dynamic code generation to improve the performance of a critical kernel service.
    Paper (postscript).

  • Issues in the Design of an Extensible Operating System,
    Stefan Savage, Brian Bershad, in "Proceedings of the First USENIX Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation", November 1994.
    A position paper discussing some issues in the design for extensibility. The short version appeared in OSDI proceedings as a part of panel on new kernel architectures. The panel talk given by Brian Bershad presents an overview of SPIN, concentrating on the safety issues that are addressed with various mechanisms.
    Abstract, Position paper (postscript), Extended version (postscript),

Technical Reports

  • A User-Level Unix Server for the SPIN Operating System,
    David Dion,
    University of Washington Technical Report UW-CSE-96-11-01.
    Paper (postscript),

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