We've gotten an incredible amount of help from individuals and organizations. This list is by no means exhaustive.

->  ARPA A lot of our funding comes from ARPA.
->  Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center Equipment, our Modula-3 compiler, some of our device drivers, and our network debugging protocol all come from DEC. Most of this comes through the generous efforts of Dave Redell at DEC SRC.
->  Intel Intel has provided us with lots of equipment and will soon be sending more.
->  Digital Equipment Corporation, Nashua Our DEC UNIX server and pieces of our Alpha-based Mach 3.0 kernel come from work done by DEC and OSF. Special thanks to Bob Picco at DEC for his assistance.
->  Open Software Foundation Research Institute Many pieces of our OSF/1 Unix server and our Alpha version of Mach 3.0 come from here or the sister institute in Grenoble.
->  CMU We've borrowed pieces of our UNIX server, and some of our device infrastructure from the CMU Mach project. Some of us used to work at CMU also.
->  IBM IBM provides funding for some of us. In addition, IBM recently made a sizable hardware donation to our department.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington